My Son

Angry words thrown around
Hearts are torn in two.
How do I make myself walk away
And turn my back on you?
Your fault, my fault or our fault
Does it really matter why?
Words cannot be washed away
No matter how hard we try.
I can’t take back my mistakes
Or change what has been done.
I can only pray that God will stay
And watch over you, my son.
I’ve lost this battle to the enemy
But I will not lose the war.
For Jesus still walks beside me
His love steadfast and sure.
I love you more than life itself
But I must get off this train.
Watching you as you self-destruct
I cannot bear this pain
I’ll keep praying every day
That God breaks what has you bound.
And hope that I am here to see
Your life get turned around.

I am with you

In the dark and alone
or safe and warm at home
I am with you.

Lost in the night
or free in the Light
I am with you.

Silence all around
or hearing a joyous sound
I am with you.

From the last light of day
to the morning’s first ray
I am with you.

From sorrow’s first tear
and through your word fear
I am with you.

When you think the enemy’s won
I have only just begun.
I am with you.

Give your burden’s over to me
let them go and you will see
I am with you.

Words for Julie

Has the sun left me on this gloomy day?
When will the light start shining my way?
I struggle to keep my eyes on the road.
While the world around me is poised to implode.
I feel like I simply cannot go on.
All my strength seems to be gone.
Just when I think I’ve reached my end
A heavenly army comes to defend.
Disguised as friends and family,
The angels come to rescue me.
Getting me through another hour
Helping me to feel His power.
Reminding me that I am not alone
As I walk through the valley of the unknown.

There is a family that we know that is struggling with health issues for two of their daughters. While catching up on the CaringBridge on-line journal the words above came to me. I don’t know why God has chosen to speak through me when it comes to this dear family, but I am truly honored. I do not know if I have the personal strength to face what they do every day, but I do know that I will gladly be part of the army that defends them.

So to Julie and family I say, we love you and we are here for you. God bless!!

A Story of Love

She’s been misread and mislead,

          Left alone inside her head.

She feels the stares, she sees the glares,

          Convinced that no one truly cares.

Behind prying eyes and deceitful lies,

          They cannot hear her as she cries.

They pretend to teach, seeking souls to reach,

          But they do not live the words they preach.


He sees her tears, He feels her fears

          He’s been watching all these years.

Her faithful guide, waiting to confide

          She is the reason that He died.

He sees her frown and reaches down

          No matter what He won’t let her drown.

He’s torn apart by her broken heart.

          His undying love He tries to impart.


Can she feel His heart’s appeal?

          Will she finally start to heal?

She hears His sound and looks around

          Is this the truth, what she has found?

Faith is a must with life so unjust.

          Can she truly give Him her trust?

She feels His love, Grace from above

          Now her heart soars like a dove.


This poem has played havoc in my head for days. Sometimes the words come at me like voices (see I told them the voices in my head were real!! LOL) and they refuse to be ignored. The problem is that they don’t always come out fluently or even coherently, so I feel like I running in circles. I hope this poem reaches whomever God has intended it to. It is similar to my own life’s story, so I hope that it helps someone else find their way to Jesus.

His Breath Carries Me

His breath cools the water

          His breath warms the sand

His breath moves the clouds

          His breath shakes the trees

His breath brings the snow.

          His breath spills the rain.

His breath holds the hope

          His breath now carries me.



This poem whispered through my head a few days ago when I was really searching for God’s will for me.  Sometimes we have to remember to stop…or as the Bible says..”Be Still and know He is here”.  Sometimes we have to shut out or turn off the noise in order to here Him talking to us. 

An Angel True

On the day that you were born
The heavens surely had to mourn.

For they had lost an angel true.
On the day that brought us you.

Now they wait for your return
Heaven’s blessings you’ve surely earned.

While you’re here we’ll call you friend
And walk beside you to the very end.

This is a poem written for our Pastor Gary’s birthday.

She sees

She sees the world
through eyes of faith
and carries herself
with love and grace.

Spreads His love
with easy charm.
And tries her best
to cause no harm.

Jesus shows clearly
inside her eyes.
Her love for Him
she cannot disguise.

She sees the world
through eyes of faith.
And carries us along
on her wave of grace.



This poem was inspired by a dear friend named, Jeanne.  She always carries herself with such grace and charm and is not afraid to tell anyone that she loves Jesus!!